“Artists of the 20th Century: Complexity of Black Art”

On Exhibition: January 4 through February 28, 2020

With this exhibition Stella Jones Gallery will highlight some of the important black artists of the 20th Century, featuring a rich cross section whose narratives and varying approaches have shaped what it means to be a black artist in contemporary America. With over 30 men and women artists of the African Diaspora, themes include the exploration of social conditions, segregation, disfranchisement, heroes and heroines, everyday life and more in varying mediums and formats. While there is no universal approach to the ongoing conversation of black culture and identity, many of these artists rely heavily on motifs and themes specific to African Americans.

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Artis Lane (1927)

Untitled Nude, watercolor on paper, 24x32”

Benny Andrews (1930-2006)

Blues Player, etching, 30x22”

Cey Adams (1962)

Justice, enamel on reclaimed wood, 8x28”

Cey Adams (1962)

AMERICAN FLAG NOLA II, SOLD, collage on panel, 46x24x4”

Danny Simmons (1953)

Deeper Desire #2, digital and serigraph, 22x26”

Danny Simmons (1953)

Deeper Desire #3, digital and serigraph, 22x26”

David Driskell (1931)

The Rocker, textured serigraph, 30x5x24 5/8”

David Driskell (1931)

Woman with Bird, textured serigraph, 30x5x24 5/8”

Elizabeth Catlett (1915 – 2012)

Keisha M, lithograph, 22x21.8”

Elizabeth Catlett (1915 – 2012)

SOLD, Paulina, lithograph, 22x15”

Elizabeth Catlett (1915 – 2012)

Prissy II, lithograph, 18x14”

Elizabeth Catlett (1915 – 2012)

Turban, lithograph, 22x15”

Elizabeth Catlett (1915 – 2012)

Vanessa, lithograph, 9.5x31”

Faith Ringgold (1930)

MLK (Letters from a Birmingham Jail), serigraph, 16.5x20.5”

Georgette Baker

SOLD, Interior Rooms, collage on board, 24x19”

Herbert Gentry (1919-2003)

Three Wise Ones and friend, lithograph, 19x25”

Hughie Lee-Smith (1915-2000)

The Platform, oil on canvas, 22x32”

Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000)

Workshop, lithograph, 23.5x18”

James Lesene Wells (1902-1993)

Dance of Salome, color etching, 15.5x21”

Jeff Cook (1961-2009)

Carnival (Light), mixed media on paper, 12x30”

Jeff Cook (1961-2009)

Carnival (Dark), mixed media on paper, 12x30”

John Biggers (1924-2001)

Untitled, graphite on  paper, 22x28”

Joseph Lofton (1923-2018)

Susanna and the Elders, acrylic on canvas, 39x39”

Kevin Cole (1960)

Tale of Two Blessings, serigraph construction (2-D), 14x33”

Lawrence Arthur Jones (1910-1996)

Blues, woodcut, 15x22.5”

Loïs Mailou Jones (1905-1998)

SOLD, Kenscoff, Haiti, watercolor on paper, 19x24”

Louis Delsarte (1944)

Metamorphosis, acrylic on paper, 26x33.5”

Mary Lovelace O’Neal (1942)

Hem of the Garment, etching, 18x20”

Michael D. Harris (1965)

SOLD, Nana, mixed media on linen, 52x42”

Nelson Stevens (1938)

Spirit Sister, serigraph, 22x22”

Norman Lewis (1909-1979)

Untitled #1, oil on paper, 24x19”

Norman Lewis (1909-1979)

Untitled #2, ink on paper, 18x24”

Richard Dempsey (1909-1987)

Tenements, mixed media on paper, 19x24”

Richard Hunt (1935)

SOLD, Extensions, welded stainless steel, 57w x 38h x 27d”

Richard Mayhew (1924)

SOLD, Seasonal Transformation, oil on canvas, 36x48”

Richard Yarde (1939-2011)

Lady Day, lithograph, 24x30”

Richmond Barthe’ (1901-1989)

Bound Christ, bronze, 27x5x5”

Romare Bearden (1911-1988)

Falling Star, lithograph, 18x21.5”

Steve Prince (1968)

Madonna and Child, graphite on paper, 42x70”

Steve Prince (1968)

Urban Madonna, graphite on paper

Wadsworth Jarrell (1929)

Empty Pocket, acrylic on canvas, 8x10”

William Pajaud (1925-2015)

After the Party, lithograph, 22x30”

William T. Williams (1942)

Ray’s Quest, serigraph, 24x32”

William Tolliver (1951-2000)

Reclining Woman, pastels on paper, 34x52”

Willie Cole (1955)

Hearth and Home, serigraph, 22x30”

Willie Cole (1955)

Ogun Sisters, serigraph, 22x30”

Wosene Worke Kosrof (1950)

Queen of Soul, acrylic on canvas, 34x20”

Wosene Worke Kosrof (1950)

The Dancers, acrylic on canvas, 20x24”

Wosene Worke Kosrof (1950)

The Inventor, acrylic on canvas, 21x17”