Strolling in the Rain                                                    25 ¾x13”                     acrylic, sumi ink/rag paper                          

The Night Crowd                                                         14x20”                         acrylic/wooden panel                        

Looking Forward - Imagination                                  22x27”                         acrylic/canvas                                                

Space Face                                                                  24x36”                         digital print                                                    

Race Cards                                                                  11x15”                         mixed media/repurposed/paper                  

Funky Situation                                                           15x32x11”                   mixed media/wood                                         

Lesson that leads to blessings                                     40x50”                         woodcut                                                         

Standing in the need of a blessing I                                                                aluminum                                                       

                                                                36x25.5”                      mixed media/paper                                       

Nana                                                                            40x50”                         mixed media/fabric                                      

Woman of Significance                                               18x24”                         photo/transfer/mixed media/cotton             

Woman of Significance                                               18x24”                         photo/transfer/mixed media/cotton             

A Device for Channeling Erzulie                                  21x8x4”                       mm/repurposed/organic material/wood

Hoodoo Assassin                                                         25x18”                         graphite/paper                                              

(New Orleans artist inspired by afriCOBRA after being introduced to their work while at the Atlanta College of Art by Radcliffe Bailey.)

The Past is not the Future                                           34x83”                         mixed media/repurposed           


Also on Exhibit - Patrick Waldemar 


afriCOBRA NOW! & Patrick Waldemar

Old and New New Orleans

On Exhibition: February 1 through March 26, 2019


This exhibition celebrates the 50 year anniversary of the founding of AfriCOBRA, the African Commune of Bad Relevant Artists, an artists’ collective formed on the south side of Chicago in 1968 at the height of the Black Arts Movement. It was their way of overcoming rejection from the mainstream art community and building a community of African American Artists. “When you look at AfriCOBRA, they were like the Black Panthers of the black arts movement,” according to member Kevin Cole.


The collective has stayed relevant and influential with a changing roster of artists who share a philosophy of functionalism and black aesthethetic. The nine exhibiting artists transcend the individual. They each create works in a rhythmic and colorful Kool-Aid palette of political, social and family narratives using multiple mediums.


This exhibition features work which underscores the tenacity of this art’s ability to survive, influence and continue to strive toward relevance in the art community, in the national dialogue and the art canon. An exhibition catalogue will be available.

Akili Ron Anderson

Kevin Cole

Adger Cowans

Michael D. Harris

Napoleon Jones-Henderson

James Phillips

Frank Smith

Nelson Stevens

Rene'e Stout

New Orleans artist, Carl Joe Williams INSPIRED BY afriCOBRA

In Gallery II we welcome Patrick Waldemar with a series of paintings celebrating New Orleans’ past and present which explore our traditions of music, pageantry and mix of ethnicities.


About Stella Jones Gallery:

SJG was selected as a 2018 Downtown NOLA Awards Honoree, has been listed as a Cultural Landmark by The Drum newspaper and named by Thrillist as one of THE FOUR SPOTS THAT HAVE TRANSFORMED THE ARTS DISTRICT INTO NOLA’S HOTTEST NEIGHBORHOOD.

Stella Jones Gallery - 201 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana 70170.

est. 1996

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