• Candace Hunter - 21st Century Pieta

  • Candace Hunter - A Bit of Paradise

  • Candace Hunter - Baobab

  • Candace Hunter - BLGs Play Cousins

  • Candace Hunter - Courtly Whip

  • Candace Hunter - Gotta Be Gettin On

  • Candace Hunter - Ibeji Gorman

  • Candace Hunter - Janus Janis Sipping Tea

  • Candace Hunter - Jumping for Joy

  • Candace Hunter - Looking for a Bit of Spring

  • Candace Hunter - Modern Madonna and Child


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Candace Hunter


Candace Hunter began a new series of collages during 2020's lockdown. These whimsical and carefree brown girls were created to be aspirational and to provide hope that life would be filled with joy again. "Brown Limbed Girls" have also been used on billboards throughout the Chicago area to spread COVID awareness.


Stella Jones Gallery is proud to be among the 250 Black owned small businesses across the U.S. that are being recognized by Beyonce’s 2020 directory.  We were selected as a 2018 Downtown NOLA Awards Honoree for bringing diversity to downtown New Orleans and are listed as a Cultural Landmark by “The Drum” newspaper and named by “Thrillist” as one of the four spots that have transformed the Arts District in NOLA’s hottest neighborhood. The gallery is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2021 and remains committed to educating collectors, museums and the community on the political, social and economic impact that African American Artists and their work have had.