Works by Elizabeth Catlett (1915-2012)

  • Elizabeth Catlett - Black Flag - Bronze Sculpture

  • Elizabeth Catlett - Playing, Linocut

  • Elizabeth Catlett - Citlali - Bronze Sculpture

  • Elizabeth Catlett - Prissy II, Lithograph

  • Elizabeth Catlett - Turban Woman, Lithograph

  • Elizabeth Catlett - Seated Mother and Child - Bronze Sculpture

  • Elizabeth Catlett - Latin America Says No, Linocut

  • Elizabeth Catlett - Chicago Library Study, Drawing

  • Elizabeth Catlett - Danys y Liethis, Lithograph

  • Elizabeth Catlett - Door of Justice, Lithograph 

  • Elizabeth Catlett - Keisha M, Lithograph

  • Elizabeth Catlett - There is a Woman in Every Color, Linocut / Screenprint / Woodcut

  • Elizabeth Catlett - Reclining Women - Bronze Sculpture

  • Elizabeth Catlett - Links Together, Lithograph

  • Elizabeth Catlett - Louis Armstrong, Drawing

  • Elizabeth Catlett - Seated Women - Bronze Sculpture

Works by Samella Lewis (b1923)

  • Samella Lewis - Childrens Game

  • Samella Lewis - Bayou Women

  • Samella Lewis - Boy on a Bench

  • Samella Lewis - Gertude Moom 6b

  • Samella Lewis - House of Shango

  • Samella Lewis - I See You

  • Samella Lewis - Migrants

  • Samella Lewis - Mother and Child

  • Samella Lewis - Prissy


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Elizabeth Catlett (1915-2012) and Samella Lewis (b 1923) 

Teacher and Student

Stella Jones Gallery has specialized in African American fine art for 25 years in the same St. Charles Avenue location. It was the culmination of a dream in 1996 for my late husband, Harry and I. We had been avid collectors for many years and decided to make Black Fine Art more accessible to those in our community and beyond. Fortunately DR. SAMELLA LEWIS had become a close friend and was instrumental in guiding us through the process as gallery owners. Even more importantly, she introduced us to ELIZABETH CATLETT, who was her mentor and life-long friend after she studied under Ms. Catlett at Dillard University. 

CATLETT started the Fine Art Department at Dillard University in the 1940’s, a time when New Orleans was very much a segregated city as well as a cultural melting pot with many ethnic “identities” represented. While at Dillard her interest in social equality and political activism matured.  CATLETT famously persuaded the New Orleans Museum of Art to admit black students for the first time to view an exhibition of Picasso’s work. SAMELLA LEWIS was one of those 160 students that day. CATLETT once recalled all the students’ fascination and asking SAMELLA LEWIS ‘have you ever been to a museum before?” LEWIS said simply “no.”



Stella Jones Gallery is proud to be among the 250 Black owned small businesses across the U.S. that are being recognized by Beyonce’s 2020 directory.  We were selected as a 2018 Downtown NOLA Awards Honoree for bringing diversity to downtown New Orleans and are listed as a Cultural Landmark by “The Drum” newspaper and named by “Thrillist” as one of the four spots that have transformed the Arts District in NOLA’s hottest neighborhood. The gallery is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2021 and remains committed to educating collectors, museums and the community on the political, social and economic impact that African American Artists and their work have had.