Remembering George Hunt




Few artists have had the impact that Hunt had in his lifetime, not only in art, but also in civil rights and blues music. These areas of human interest are prevalent in his art work as he recognized and uplifted their interconnectivity.

As a man of humble beginnings and creative potential, George collected few accomplishments that many could only dream. Such honors included, his work depicting the Little Rock Nine, being added to the permanent art collection of the White House during the Clinton administration and later commissioned as a U.S. Postage Stamp.

Officially recognized by the United States Congress (2003) as the Official Artist for the 'Year of the Blues', Hunt's works are showcased in numerous museums, institutions and homes. The themes of equality, justice and passion are brought to life through his use of color and texture, while creating a mosaic of pieces that capture the human emotion like a window into his memories.

While many of his pieces are inspired by his past, other pieces are rooted in civil rights and the American Blues experience, which sometimes depicted injustices, but always served as a reminder of everyday moments. Reflecting the joy found through passion and expression, his message remains one of history, vibrancy and hope.