Remembering Leah Chase

New Orleans has lost a leading cultural light in the passing of Chef Leah Chase. Our love of art bonded us and it was a privilege of my late husband, Harry, and I to help her expand her impressive collection of African American art.

Leah loved art and through her art collection at Dookey Chase created a curiosity to know more about the legacy of African Americans in this city, our country and our world.

Some of my fondest memories are of Leah and I sitting in the red room in Dookey Chase surrounded by artists talking about art, politics and of course food. Leah knew that food had the potential to be a window into Black culture.

I struggle to find words to express how deeply I will miss Leah Chase. To me she wasn't simply an award-winning chef, Political Activist, Art Collector, Community Icon or a Disney Princess. Leah was family.

Job well done Leah.

~ Stella


Learn More About Leah Chase Here

My grandchildren, Samella Lewis and Leah Chase