Stella Jones GALLERY Opening:

Exhibition: March 10 through May 31, 2018



EPaul Julien, Toussaint L’Ouverture, mixed media/repurposed wood, 40x44"
Claire Foster Burnett, Gold Weights, mixed media, repurposed clothes pins, 35x23.5”
Patrick Waldemar, Trail of Tears, acrylic on canvas, 12x35”
Clifton Webb, Adam and Eve , bronze/stone, 13.5x9x10”
Matthew Rosenbeck, Milk, mixed media/repurposed mirror, 27.5x18”
Louise Mouton Johnson, Comb III, Gouache, colored pencil, and acrylic, 44x36”
Michelle Nkoyo Lavigne, Mama-Okra: An Intimate Sojourn, automotive enamel on aluminum, 4.5x2.5x9”
Rontherin Ratliff, Never The Twain Shall Meet, railroad track sections/found objects, 35x18x3”
Black Power Movement, mixed media on fabric/canvas, 18x24"
Charly Palmer, 200 Reward, mixed media/canvas, 18x24”
Ron Bechet, Boys Will Become Men and Then What?, Silkscreen/mixed media, 28.5x38.5”
Kevin Cole, Land Where My Father Died, mixed media on wood, 24x29x7”
Joseph Pearson, Emmett Till: Portrait of Innocence Images of Hate, ink on paper, 36x30”          
Charly Palmer, Visions of Our 44th President, mixed media, 20x17x12”
Kevin Cole, Land Where My Father Died, mixed media mobile, 10x18x10”
Sheleen Jones, Untitled I, mixed media, 20x16x10”
Sheleen Jones, Untitled II, mixed media, 8x16x13”
Jerry Lynn, Glory Field, acrylic on canvas, 20x16”
Malaika Favorite, Untitled, mixed media/repurposed wash board, 36x12”
Charly Palmer, Americana, mixed media/repurposed objects, 16x16x5.5” 
Charly Palmer, Maid Not, mixed media/repurposed objects, 10x5x17x5”
Phyllis Stephens, Steal Away, mixed media quilt, 41x48”
Patrick Waldemar, Woman in Cotton Field, acrylic on canvas, 39x39”
Gailene St. Amand, Indigo, hand dyed fabric/mixed media, 18x65”          
Patrick Waldemar, Man in Tobacco Field, acrylic on canvas, 36x39”
Randell Henry, Royal March Into the City, acrylic/collage on canvas, 36x40”
Horton Humble, Grinders, oil/pencil on wood, 48x63”
Marcel Jean St Jacques, Door For the Freedom Seekers of 1811, repurposed objects/wood/blades/acrylic, 96x33”      
Dow Spyboy Edwards, Free Man of Color 1835, beads/acrylic on canvas
Cey Adams, Black Flag (NOLA), collage on wood, 46x24x4”
John Barnes, Field Slave’s Locker Room, reclaimed wood/mixed media, 50x30x60”
Joseph Pearson, Creole Cottage, mixed media on panel, 16x20”

Amy Bryan, Henriette Delile, graphite on paper, 18x24"
Margaret Leonard, Picking Strawberries, acrylic on canvas, 14x18”
Margaret Leonard, Making Cane Syrup, acrylic on canvas, 10x20”
Patrick Waldemar, Marie Laveau, acrylic/mixed media on canvas, 24x30”

Samella Lewis, Boy on a Bench, hand embellished lithograph, 27.5x20.5”

Rukiya: Soft Sculpture dolls inspired by the African experience in America, Adrienne Powers: The Bakulu Black Hands of Power, Installation

Malaika Favorite, FATS, mixed media/repurposed wash board, 35x12”
EPaul Julien, Where it All Started, mixed media/repurposed objects, 44x40x3”
Harold Smith, Jazz, acrylic on canvas, 36x48”
Najee Dorsey, Madame Ouais, digital with collage, 30x65”           
Paul Deo, Weezy Armstrong, mixed media, 18x36”
Samella Lewis, Migrants, linocut, 18x24”
Steve Prince, Salt of the Earth, lithograph, 24x36”
Elizabeth Catlett, For Colored Only , graphite on paper, 8x10”
Richmond Barthe’, Stevedore, bronze, 30.6x20x14.5”
Steve Prince, Rosa Sparks, linoleum cut, 39x52”
Najee Dorsey, Robert Charles, mixed media on paper, 36x54”
Keith Calhoun, King Zulu; Claiborne & Orleans, archival pigment print, 26x39”
Ana Hernandez, Hierbas en el Jardin, acrylic latex on wood, 49x49”       
Cely Pedescleaux, Coffee Vendor:Rose Nicaud, mixed media quilt, 30x23"
Cely Pedescleaux, Rose Nicaud, mixed media quilt, 31.5x27”
Yvonne Tucker, Bohemian Woman, mixed media clay, 11x6x6”   
Yvonne Tucker, African Woman, mixed media clay, 8x6x4.5”
Gilbert Fletcher, Equinox, acrylic on paper, 18x24”
Lavette Ballard, Where Y’at, Creole, mixed media on repurposed fence, 24x36”             
Keith Duncan , Civil Rights Movement, fabric/mixed media on canvas, 22x28”
Charly Palmer, Black Panther (New Member), acrylic on Canvas, 24x30”
Leah Labat, Congo Square (Don’t Leave Me), Digital Art, 14x14”
Keith Duncan , Chain Gang Installation, repurposed objects  
John Slade, 300 Years & Still Going, ink/colored markers on paper, 19x13”
Bottletree, MLK/SCLC, digital print, 11x14”
AP Images, MLK, I Have a Dream Speech, photograph on archival paper, 16x20”
Patrick Waldemar, Sankofa, mixed media on canvas, 18x24"
Patrick Waldemar, 3 Little Girls, mixed media on canvas, 18x24”
Patrick Waldemar, Education, mixed media on canvas, 23.5x30”
Elizabeth Catlett, Girl Reading, mixed media drawing, 14.5x22