Patrick Waldemar, Old and New New Orleans

One of the Caribbean's leading watercolour artists and a graduate of the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Patrick has had numerous one man shows in the major Galleries in Jamaica, and he has also participated in many group shows.

His work has been exhibited in New York, and is represented in private collections in the U.S.A., the United Kingdom, Canada and Jamaica. It has also been recognised by American Artist Magazine, and was published in 'Watercolour 92', their exclusive watercolour bi-annual issue and International Artist Magazine.

He has just completed the execution of murals for the Bank of Jamaica. In addition, he was responsible for the decor for the opening night of the Midem Music Festival 1997 in Cannes, France.

For 5 consecutive years, his designs for Jamaica's entry at the Chelsea Flower Show in London were awarded Silver Gilt and Silver medals.

Are We There Yet                                                        12x12”                                     acrylic/canvas            

Baby Dolls                                                                   14x16”                                     acrylic/canvas

Called to the Big House                                               12x16”                                     acrylic/canvas            

Church Lady                                                                14x18”                                     acrylic/canvas            

Courtship of Main                                                       12x12”                                     acrylic/canvas            

Crossing Over                                                              24x36”                                     acrylic/canvas            

Dance with Ancestor                                                   11x14”                                     acrylic/canvas            

Dancing with my Baby                                                12x12”                                     acrylic/canvas            

Daydreams                                                                  14x16”                                     acrylic/canvas            

End of Day Blues                                                         10x20”                                     acrylic/canvas            

Free Woman of Color with Child                                 14x16”                                     acrylic/canvas            

From Congo Square to Claiborne Avenue                                                                                                    acrylic/canvas

Listening to Terance Blanchard                                  16x20”                                     acrylic/canvas            

Mardi Gras Indian                                                       16x20”                                     acrylic/canvas            

More Tears                                                                                       acrylic/canvas

Now Take Off Your Tignon                                          11x14”                                     acrylic/canvas            

Overlooking the Overpass                                                                                                    acrylic/canvas

Free Woman of Color                                                  14x16”                                     acrylic/canvas            

Playing for the Muses                                                 16x20”                                     acrylic/canvas            

Porter                                                                          14x16”                                     acrylic/canvas

Reflecting on a Second Line Tuba                               11x14”                                     acrylic/canvas            

Second Line on Claiborne                                            9x24”                                       acrylic/canvas

Second Line Under the Overpass                                20x20”                                     acrylic/canvas            

Thanks to the Mardi Gras Indians                               10x20”                                     acrylic/canvas            

Time to Come in                                                          12x12”                                     acrylic/canvas            

Say Can You See                                     20 x 20"                                                           acrylic/canvas