Cycles: The Art of Steve Prince


December 1, 2018 - January 28, 2019

  • Land Refreshed, 24x36"
  • Lamenations: Send Your Rain, linoleum cut, 24x36"
  • Exodus: Bread from Heaven, linoleum cut, 24x36"
  • Judas: Deliah Didn't Do It, linoleum cut, 24x36"
  • Job: Take Me to the Water, linoleum cut 24x36"
  • Second Line: Rebirth, linoleum cut 36x60"
  • Requiem for Brother John, linoleum cut 36x60"
  • One Fish, linoleum cut 36x50"
  • Stand at the Gretna Bridge, linoleum cut 24x36"
  • Ezra: Reparations Groove, linoleum cut 24x36"
  • Genesis: In The Beginning, linoleum cut 24x36"
  • Venus of New Orleans, linoleum cut 24x24"
  • Maya, conte crayon, 36x42"
  • Leah, graphite 4x6'
  • Melanie, conte crayon 36x50"




Memories That Speak to My Soul

Opening: FRIDAY, September 7, 5pm – 7pm
On Exhibition:
September 1 through September 28, 2018

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Tied to Love

Opening: Saturday, July 7, 3pm – 5pm
On Exhibition:
 June 18 – July 31, 2018

Master Quilter, PHYLLIS STEPHENS in her second solo exhibition in which she continues to use innovative and cutting edge techniques for her mixed media quilts. This exhibition drew its inspiration from HARRY JONES, our beloved and very stylish late co-owner who was well-known for wearing bow-ties. STEPHENS repurposes HARRY’s ties as well as others, in varying colors, sophisticated patterns and fabrics throughout each of her works, while using the broad theme of LOVE.

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Delita Martin

August 1 - September 19, 2017


Five Artists in Five Galleries

Master Artist:
Richard Dempsey

Contemporary artists:
Antonio Carreno
Delita Martin
David Gaither
Patrick Waldemar

On Exhibition: November 10 through December, 30, 2017

Delita Martin, a printmaker whose art is centered around women of color, uses as a source of inspiration: the oral tradition, vintage and family photographs. In a sense, her works form a constellation exploring and uncovering patterns and connections in the lives of African American women; weaving it into a powerful narrative.

Martin’s unique printmaking process consists of layering, drawing, sewing, collaging, and painting—a combination she describes as fusing the “real and the fantastic.” Signs and symbols create a visual language and by fusing this visual language with oral storytelling, she offers other identities and other narratives for women of color.

Although Martin does not admit to having a black feminist, womanist or intersectionality point of view, her work reflects some of its theories. This point of view argues that sexism, classicism, gender identity and racism are tied together like the patterns in a constellation. These ideas are stitched together in Martin’s works.

Martin’s work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally in numerous portfolios and collections, including recently, the State Of The Art: Discovering American Now at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in northwest Arkansas. This exhibit included 101 artists from around the United States. She was also included in the International Review of African American Art as one of sixteen African American artists to watch who were gaining national and international attention in 2015.








STELLA JONES GALLERY presents a diverse group of emerging contemporary artists who follow in the footsteps of Abstract Expressionist, Richard DEMPSEY, who still has little name recognition but whose body of work pushed boundaries and presented a unique point of view as a marginalized citizen in America during the 1950s – 1980s. This exhibition is spread throughout our five galleries and slated to coincide with Prospect 4, New Orleans citywide triennial of contemporary artists. Each of these artists of the African Diaspora offer differing viewpoints on how to be seen, heard and traverse a racially charged and tumultuous America.