Samella Lewis

On Exhibition: October 5, 2019 – November 2019, 2019


Artist, curator, author, Art Historian, educator and scholar, Lewis, was born in New Orleans in 1924, later attended HBCU, Dillard University, where she was taught by Elizabeth Catlett before going on and becoming the first African American in the nation to receive a Ph.D. in Art History and Fine Art from Ohio University in 1951. Lewis was a pioneer in the area of African American Art and Artists, who documented the history of these artists in books, exhibitions, film, lectures and as an educator. In 1975 she founded the International Review of African American Art magazine to give visibility to these underserviced artists. Lewis has changed the landscape of Art History and has become an influential and highly respected voice that has also mentored and bolstered the careers of many African American artists. She is the recipient of a myriad of awards and distinctions and has exhibited in many important galleries and museums.

Mother and Child: Graphite on Paper , 20x24”

Migrants: Linocut, 18x24”

Chicken Plucker: Mixed Media, 28x36”

Home Sweet Home: Serigraph, 24x30”

The Red Ball: Oil Pastel, 35x42”